Wedding Flower Arrangements

Consider traditional flower arrangements when you plan your wedding and select your flowers. Traditional flowers make some of the most beautiful and timeless wedding flower arrangements available. You can select traditional flowers based on the flower meaning attached to them or the color scheme of your wedding. You can also choose silk wedding flowers based on the same factors, or if your taste is for something not so traditional, there are wonderful exotic flowers you can choose for your wedding.

Roses are perhaps the most traditional wedding flower of all time, and are the ultimate symbol of love. Red roses create a beautiful splash of color for a winter wedding, while a peach or white rose bouquet will look amazing at your summer wedding. Tulips, calla lilies, and lilies-of-the-valley are also popular wedding flowers because they are easy to pair with other flowers and match with different wedding color choices.

Different traditional wedding flower arrangements have different meanings. Irises represent warmth of affection. Tulips and red chrysanthemums represent love. The popular lily-of-the-valley signifies a return to happiness. Forget-me-nots embody true love and remembrance. Calla lilies make an obvious choice, meaning marriage and purity. Daffodils remind us of new beginnings. Meaning doesn't stop with the main flowers. Spray items such as the fern signify sincerity, confidence and shelter.

You can use flowers for more than just the bridal bouquet and bridal party flowers. Bring flowers into your wedding with corsages, headdresses, and wedding guest chairs. The flower girl traditionally spreads rose petals down the aisle in front of the bride. Flowers are also used to decorate the wedding hall, altar, reception tables, and even the cake itself. They may also be used in the table centerpieces, in topiaries, sprinkled on the tablecloth, and floating alongside candles.

The colors and types of flowers you choose help to set the mood for your wedding. A bouquet of yellow roses and white calla lilies is a traditional combination that evokes feelings of joy, serenity and peace. Pink tulips paired with Bells of Ireland make a gorgeous combination that sets the stage for a cheerful celebration. Create feelings of happiness and love with daffodils and forget-me-nots.

Traditional wedding flower arrangements can be anything but boring. Flowers add meaning, color and fragrance to your wedding day. Selecting a traditional floral arrangement can help you select your color theme and takes the guesswork out of choosing your wedding flowers.

Flower Arrangement Planning

The design of a floral arrangement requires specific planning and preparation steps. As a rule, floral designers must complete each step with consideration for the overall theme of the arrangement and the decor of the room or space. In addition, arrangement design incorporates a number of requirements such as the gathering of tools and considerations for container style or type. In addition, floral designers must incorporate both personal experience and design tastes to maximize the effect of the floral arrangement.

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Floral Arangements
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